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By far our most reblogged submission. Thanks, M.!piercednipples:

M submitted:

Hello! Here are my new piercings, just a few days old. :) Thank you so much to you and other contributors for creating such a great blog, it helped me so much in my decision to finally get pierced. Hope you like them, I certainly do!

Some followers desperately want to know where M. got that sheer blouse: 
M answers:
I’m afraid I don’t have the answer you’re looking for! :( I bought it on Etsy a while ago and there are no labels. It’s a bit of a waiting game to find the pretty ones, but keeping an eye on searches for ’90s sheer floral blouse’ on both Etsy and eBay turns up good results occasionally. :) They’re also sometimes listed under ‘grunge’.
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